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Measurement Techniques For Five Multimeter Applica
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Created by alisa on 11th Nov 2014 , 9:07 am France, Paris
Description Totally Enclosed Protect Feature and Three-phase Phase low rpm ac electric motor Specifications Specifications1.3-phase asynchronous motors 2.IEC standard 3.OEM 4.Voltage:50HZ &60HZ;380V&415V 5.Protection class: IP54 Now most common triode is powder coating,how to accurately judge the triode three pin which is b,c,e? Triode b very easily measured,but how to judge which is c which is e? Here recommends three methods: the first method: for measuring triode hFE jack pointer table,first measure b pole,throw triode plug into <strong>motor vehicle spare parts</strong> the socket (b,of course,is very can plug accurate),measure hFE value,then the measuring tube upside down again,the measured values of hFE larger one,each pin insertion position is correct.The second method: to measure without hFE jack table,or is not convenient to insert the socket pipe is too big,can use this method: of NPN transistors,first measure b (the pipe is NPN and PNP b and its feet are easy to measure,isn't it?) ,put table in R x 1 k Ω gear,to connect the red pens and hypothetical e very (note that take the hand don't run into table of red pens and pen or pin),the <strong>fan motor</strong> black pens and answer the hypothetical c,at the same time hold the table with his fingers tip and the pin,will pick up the pipe,with the tip of your tongue lick a b,the header pointer should have a certain amount of deflection,if all the pens and you answer correctly,the pointer will be bigger,if wrong,the pointer will be smaller,the difference is obvious.Which can determine pipe c and e.For PNP transistors to black pens and answer the hypothetical e very (hand don't touch the tip or pin),red pens and answer the hypothetical c,at the same time hold the table with his fingers tip and the pin,and then use the tip of the tongue lick a b,if the pens and correctly,header pointer will deflection is larger.Of course when measuring the pens and to discuss the test twice,comparative reading before final decision.This method applies to all appearance triode,convenient and practical.According to the clock deflection amplitude,but also can estimate the pipe amplification ability,of course it is by experience.The third method: first to determine the pipe after the NPN and PNP type a and b,put table at R x 10 k Ω,of NPN transistors,the black pens and connect e,red pens and pick up c extremely,the clock may have some deflection,the PNP transistors,<strong></strong> black pens and c extremely,red pens and pick up e very,whose hands may have a certain amount of deflection,which in turn would have deflection.This can also determine triode c and e.But for the high pressure pipe,this method is not applicable.
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