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Athidhi Movie Review  

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Athidhi Movie Review
  Movie Review : Athidhi
Rating : 3.25 / 5
Banner : Krishna Productions
Cast : Mahesh Babu, Amrita Rao, Ashish Vidyarthi, Ajay, Rajiv Kanakala, Kota, Benerjee, Naazar, Sunil, Brahmanandam, Murali Sharma, Venu Madhav, Malaika Arora Khan and Others
Dialogues : Abburi Shiva
Editing : Gowtham Raju
Art : Srinivas Raju
Action : Stun Siva
Cinematography : Sameer Reddy
Story : Vakkantham Vamsi
Screenplay : Surender Reddy
Music : Mani Sharma
Producer: Ramesh Babu.G
Director: Surender Reddy
Released Date: October 18, 2007
Athidhi Tollywood Movie Review

The story opens in Delhi. A 10 year old orphan who makes living by doing petty works, meets a girl of the same age. They instantly strike a bond and become friends. The girl is the daughter of Kanakala Rajiv's couple. The boy saves the girl's family from an accident. He becomes close to the family. The family names him "Athidhi". They decide to take care of the boy. On a night, the couple and the boy are traveling in a car to join the boy in a hostel. They are encountered by a psychotic killer who kills the couple. The boy retaliates by picking up the revolver to kill the murderer who escapes and the boy caught with gun in his hands is made the culprit. He serves the term in jail for 13 years. This forms the back drop of the story.

Needless to mention, the boy grows up to become Mahesh, who after coming from the Jail, works in a cafe near Red Fort. His mission is to trace out the killer, who killed the couple and take revenge. He also has another job of tackling criminals, who take loans from banks with fake documents and never pay them back. In this process, he beats up Subba Raju, in a fabulous opening fight. Danny bhai (Ashish Vidyarthi) is a local goon, who runs a pub and also does drug trafficking in Delhi. He works for 'Kaiser', an anonymous villan, whose main activities are kidnapping for ransom and drug trafficking. Amrita is a soft and good natured girl who is studying in a painting college. She saves her friend from Danny bhai's men and in the process they chase her. Mahesh saves her when she is hit by a car and a fight with Danny's men follows. What follow is, challenges between Danny and the hero, couple of chases and a fight. Amrita falls in love with the hero and when she was ready to express it to him, one day Mahesh becomes angry with her, slaps her and sends her away. He does so, because he was about to be attacked by Danny's men. Amrita is hurt deeply. She happens to finish her college and decides to go back to her place, Hyderabad. Mahesh comes to know that Amrita is his childhood friend when Amrita's friend tells him about her past. He follows her to Hyderabad.

Athidhi Telugu Cinema Review

Kaiser is creating menace in Hyderabad also, with his kidnaps. Nobody has ever seen him as he operates secretly. His men carry out the work and he never comes to the scene. He becomes a headache to the government. Naazar is the home minister as well as uncle to Amrita. He appoints a special officer to nab Kaiser. The officer is Ajay Sastry (Murali Sarma). In Hyderabad, Mahesh is encountered by Danny Bhai and his men, who try to attack him and in the fight that follows, Danny bhai is killed. Before dying he reveals a shocking news that he came to Hyderabad not to kill Mahesh but Amrita. He has been hired by Kaiser to kill her. Now it is up to Mahesh to protect her. He stays with her family to make sure that she is safe. He comes to know that some men who are working for Naazar make a deal with Kaiser to kill Amrita.  Naazar comes to know that Mahesh was the criminal who served in prison for killing Amrita's parents. He sends him away from the family. Amrita is shocked to know this but she is not fully convinced.  Machcha seenu ( Kota) is another political leader who has contacts with Kaiser. He being a part of the government, works for Kaiser to provide a shield to him. Ajay Sastry's attempts to catch Kaiser Fails and in the process he loses all his men. Eventually, Ajay Sastry is also killed by Kaiser. Kaiser kidnaps Amrita and her 10 year old cousin and kills the small girl. Mahesh sets out to trace them out and encounters Kaiser directly. The shocking identity of Kaiser is revealed. Climax follows in which Mahesh kills Kaiser.

Mahesh Babu has learnt the art of settled acting in whatever character he plays. It looks like he clearly knows how the character behaves. He is simply awesome in action sequences. He puts his eyes to best use to express rage and anger. Amrita Rao fits the bill as a sensitive and beautiful girl. The actor worth mentioning is Murali Sarma. He has done a wonderful job in the role of Ajay Sastry. Ashish Vidyarthi also did an impressive job. The comedy track with Sunil and Brahmanandam is good. Songs are ok, item song with Malaika and 'valla valla' are best of the lot. It is a movie with rich production values. Makers did not show compromise in any department. However the story line chosen cannot be said great and the screen play should have been more meticulous.

Athidhi Filem Review

The movie can be said a platter. It has got all the ingredients, action, drama and sentiment. But it lacks in humor department. To compensate for this the comedy sequences with Venu Madhav in the first half and Brahmanandam and Sunil in the second half are there. One cannot understand why the orphan child doesn't tell the police, that it is not he who killed the couple. Should the audience take it as implied? The director tried to insert too many action sequences nevertheless they are well executed. But the climax is too long.

Bharatstudent Verdict: As a whole it is a movie which doesn't disappoint either fans of MB or general public. At the same time you cannot confidently say it is worth the wait. To say in one word-Anyway Thumbs up for Athidhi.

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